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Before going to the menu...

...We have a message for you...

Our osteria is a simple yet richly historic place where you can savor the authentic experience of a Florentine tavern, served by local staff, with both waitstaff and cooks hailing from Florence.

That's why we don't open in the afternoon, unlike many tourist spots. We understand that for many of you reading this, eating at 4, 5, or 6 in the afternoon is customary, but it's not the norm in Italy.

Please consider that we introduced the English menu only three days ago, and we apologize in advance for any translation errors.

Our priority is to offer you an authentic and sincere experience where you can enjoy the true delights of Florentine cuisine.

We acknowledge our diverse cultures; for us, rare-cooked meat is sacred, but we'll be happy to accommodate your preferences.

Please forgive us if we don't always succeed; we may be Florentine, but we are still human!



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